Breckenridge Wedding Planner

Breckenridge is a sought-after wedding destination and with good reason – it’s gorgeous! If you’re thinking about getting married in Breckenridge, you won’t be disappointed. But there will be a lot of planning involved due to its popularity among couples as well as the variety of festivals and events that the town hosts every year. A lot of wedding venues in Breckenridge will be reserved at least a year in advance. This will depend on how popular the venue is and whether the wedding date corresponds with things like holidays. If the proposition of planning a Breckenridge vacation is a little overwhelming, the professionals at are here to help you out. Not only does our team know all the best venues in and around town, but we can help you get set up with the perfect lodging for your needs.

Wedding Accommodations in Breckenridge

There are lots of different types of lodging options in and around Breckenridge so there should be no problem finding the perfect accommodations for your wedding. A few things to consider as you begin the process:

  • Are you interested in finding lodging for just the wedding party or for all of your guests?
  • Will you have any guests who have special requirements, like wheelchair-friendly properties?
  • Are you planning on engaging in other activities during your time in Breckenridge, like skiing or snowboarding?

Some of the different housing options that may be available to you include:

  • Choosing one large luxury home for your entire bridal party.
  • Selecting several condominiums in one complex for family or friends.
  • A group of hotel rooms for guests, family, or friends.

Our wedding team will work with you to identify your needs and wants and pinpoint the perfect property for you and/or your guests. We want to make sure that your wedding day turns out to be the day of your dreams.

Considering Wedding Dates

You may already have a wedding date in mind and if so, now’s the time to take a look and see if it coincides with any festivals or other events in Breckenridge. If you plan on having your wedding at the same time as one of Breckenridge’s more popular festivals or during the holidays, you’ll have a more challenging time getting lodging. In addition, all of your wedding costs will be higher than they would at other times of the year that aren’t considered to be peak dates/seasons.

Don’t Forget About Mountain Weather

If you’ve been in Breckenridge before, you probably know that mountain weather can be fickle. You’ll see the widest range of temperatures and conditions in the spring and fall when it can be sunny and warm one day and snowy and cold the next. During the summer, you can expect beautiful sunny days with thunderstorms in the afternoon. If you want to have a winter wedding, remember that there might be no snow or a lot of it. If you keep this information in mind as you plan, it can help ensure that you’ll be ready should the weather on your wedding day take an unfortunate turn.