Car Rentals

Depending on what your Breckenridge vacation itinerary includes, you may or may not need a rental car. One of the great things about Breckenridge is that, in most instances, you won’t need a car while you’re there. Just about everything is easily accessible via the town’s free shuttle. There’s also a free shuttle that will take you from Breckenridge to Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon.

But – there are so many great things to see in Colorado! If you want to see more than Summit County, which we highly recommend, it will probably be easiest if you rent a car. If you do, however, decide to rent a car, we’ve put together a little information to help make the car rental process a little smoother.

Pick the Right Car for Your Itinerary

If you’re visiting during the winter, you’ll probably want to consider renting a car with four- or all-wheel drive. This is mainly due to the increased likelihood of snow during your trip. In most instances, a couple inches of snow won’t impact highways or major roads too much. But if your vacation rental is located on a side road, one that does not get plowed, or one that is steep and winding, four- and all-wheel drive cars will have a bit more of an advantage in snowy conditions than a small car or one with rear-wheel drive. (Some vacation rentals may require guests to have a four-wheel drive during the winter. Make sure to check if that’s a necessity prior to making your car rental reservation.)

Even if you’re not coming to Breckenridge during the winter, a four-wheel drive vehicle may a good choice. If you plan on exploring the surrounding mountains and traveling on steep dirt roads, a high clearance vehicle with four- or all-wheel drive is recommended. There are a lot of jeep trails in and around the Breckenridge area, many of which make for great summer afternoon outings.

Consider How Much Time You’ll be Spending in the Car

Even if you plan on using your rental car just to get from Point A to Point B, keep in mind that mountain traffic is a real (and sometimes vexing) thing. If you happen to be driving from Breckenridge to Denver on a Sunday afternoon in the winter, you will get stuck in ski traffic and it will take longer than normal. There will also be more traffic heading up into the mountain on Friday afternoons from 4 p.m. and on Saturday mornings for westbound traffic and afternoons for eastbound traffic. If you’re leaving the mountains after a holiday weekend any time of the year, you’ll probably be on the road with thousands of other motorists. With all that in mind, don’t be afraid to opt for a little extra comfort when renting a car. There’s always the chance that you’ll be spending more time that you expect in your rental car, so you should make sure your vehicle isn’t likely to give you back pain or other issues.

Choose a Vehicle You’re Comfortable With

Whether you’re navigating snowy roads or winding roads, you want to make sure that you rent a car that makes you feel sure of it while driving. If you’re uncomfortable with SUVs or larger vehicles, it’s in your best interest to find a rental that’s the right size for you. Mountain driving can be challenging so you’ll want to be sure that any other potential stressors are minimized so you can focus fully on driving.